Thank you from Devon & SheNative Goods

Devon Fiddler completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over 100% of her goal to help launch SheNative Goods. Congratulations, Devon!

Thank you, now let’s do this and Make SheNative Happen!

Hello friends, family and supporters,

Thank you so much for all the support! We really appreciate it! You’ve empowered me to take the next steps in starting SheNative!! Your contributions will allow me to get to where our collection needs to be, so that we can start our mission of Empowering Indigenous women through our company!!!

Today, I’ve paid our local Academy of Fashion Design, here in Saskatoon for our first prototypes, specs and patterns!!! Our next steps will include getting 3D illustrations for our designs, purchase a few more materials and leathers, and finally, take to a sample-maker to get our samples made!!!

Some of our perks have already been sent out to you. Some perks, we are still packaging, and waiting to be delivered to us. Everything should be sent out by June 27th, except for the handbag perks!!! These will be sent out to you in August; estimated delivery time for you would be mid-August to early September!

I hope you enjoy your perk!!! Again, thank you so much for your contribution!! Stay tuned with us on Facebook @SheNative or Twitter @SheNativeGoods!!! Watch out for our website, which is not up yet, at I will be sure to post the link to facebook, once it’s up!

Have a great day everyone!

Devon and the SheNative Team

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