Help A Dame Out! Save Modern Dame Boutique

Campaign ends: 12/20/2013

Help A Dame Out! Save Modern Dame Boutique

My name is Megan Paul and together with the help of my Mom, Bunnie, we operate Modern Dame Boutique. I've always loved vintage fashion, particularly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. After graduating with the obligatory B.A. in psychology (a degree you can't actually get  job with, like most B.A.s) I was stuck. I really didn't want to continue on to a Masters. I wanted a fun job, a creative job, a job where I could bring my passion to work every day. I had always had to travel to other centres to find great vintage inspired clothing and one day I realized I could open my own boutique. I had worked in retail throughout high school and college, and I knew this was something I could do. I took an entrepreneurship course and opened Modern Dame Boutique in September 2011.

Things really started to take off in March of that year, I could see that this was going to work. We had a great spring and summer and then September of 2012, things started to go downhill... and then they kept going. Winter in Saskatchewan is always a slow time for a business which mostly sells dresses and skirts, but that second winter nearly killed us and we never really got back on our feet. Now the struggle is having the money to get the inventory that we need. We have customers coming in, the word has spread, but we have barely anything to sell. Any capital we had was eaten up by winter and each month we could order less and less inventory. If we had money to put a big order in and fill up the store, I know we could make it.

This store is my dream and I'm determined to make it work. Your donation will help our doors stay open, and help us get back on our feet. This clothing is so flattering and not just for that small percentage who look like a supermodel. Vintage inspired clothing from these decades celebrates all figures, but especially those hourglass shapes that women naturally have! Please help us keep making women feel good about themselves and their bodies! If you can't contribute we understand! Even sharing this link with people is a BIG help.

+The Project FAQ's

  • We need most of the $3000 to buy inventory.  A small portion will go towards the operating costs to keep our doors open and to pay the fees associated with Paypal.

  • You receive a perk when you donate, whether it be a special mention on our Facebook page, a gift certificate, or even having one of our dresses named after  you!

  • Unfortunately, if we don't reach our goal, we'll most likely be closing.

  • If you would rather not receive the perk associated with your donation, please add a message to the seller on the Paypal checkout page or email us at

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Help A Dame Out! Save Modern Dame Boutique Please help us at Modern Dame Boutique! We're a very young business and we need more stock to sell our lovely customers!